Certified Nursing Assistant

The CNA is a state certified member of the health care team who provides care to residents, meeting their physical, psychosocial and individual needs. The CNA is one of the most important hands on caregivers in the long term care profession. Sincere dedication, devotion to patients, and a desire to promote high quality care are necessary to succeed.  

Certified Nursing Assistants provide hands on care to those who are unable to care for themselves. The CNA is also responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of the patients ensures the safety and comfort of patients assigned to their care. CNAs work primarily under the direction of a nurse, and as such, are responsible for carrying out duties as assigned by the nurse, as well as reporting changes in a patient’s physical or mental status to the nurse.

Typical duties of a CNA may include but not be limited to:
- Monitoring vital signs
- Assisting with patient’s personal care
- Serving meals and feeding patients
- Transferring patients
- Assisting patients with activities of daily living
- Setting up equipment
- Observing and recording patients' conditions
- Assisting during examinations
- Maintaining universal precautions
- Use of mechanical lifts

CNA classes cover a broad ranges of topics from, proper body mechanics for lifting and turning patients, to recognizing signs of abuse and neglect.  The instructor will also cover the following topics such as: recognizing depression, dealing with dementia, infection control issues, and ethical issues. Classroom time is generally split into two parts:  textbook learning, and clinicals that provide hands-on care.

At the end of the training class, a certification exam will be administered to determine competency. This test consists of two parts, written and clinical evaluations. The written test includes subject material covered during class. The clinical test consists of performing nursing skills.

Students graduating from this program can expect to be placed in Long-Term Care Facilities, Hospitals or with Private Home Care Agencies.  Upon successful completion of this training students are certified and registered with the state of Georgia as Nursing Assistants. CPR and First Aid Certifications via the American Heart Association are also included with this course.

Duration: 12 days for daytime course, 5 weeks for evening course

Textbook use
Stethoscope use
Sphygmomanometer use
Uniform Shirt

Additional requirements:  Students are required to have a TB skin test or chest x-ray and physical exam before clinical rotation.

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